Tiago americo 

When he was 9 years old, Tiago Americo broke his right arm just a few weeks before a drawing competition in his school—so unlucky!

He decided to draw with his left hand for the competition (even though he is right-handed) and made 3rd place in the competition! That amazing victory encouraged him to start thinking seriously about becoming a professional artist one day!




Anouk Filippini

Anouk Filippini was born in Montpelier in 1973.  From a very young age, it was clear that Anouk had no desire to play sports or participate in many outdoor activities. She  preferred being warm indoors, surrounded by books.

For her 8th Birthday, her dad gave her an Olivetti Lettera 22, a mythical typewriter. Upon receiving this gift, Anouk Filippini decided she wanted to be a writer.
During her teenage years, she discovered the cinema and changed her plans once more, aspiring to become the next François Truffaut (a famous French movie director).

As she neared adulthood, Anouk realized that her true passion was to tell stories, no matter what form they took.
Today, Anouk Filippini writes stories of all kinds. She likes to write for children because they understand the symbolic truth behind her stories and always ask wonderful questions.



Caroline Hamel

Growing up in suburban Quebec, Caroline Hamel’s dad converted their shed into a mini-farm!

Caroline drew inspiration from the animals there when she began to take an interest in sketching. After studying graphic design and illustrating various press publications, this young mother of 2 turned her attention to illustrating children’s books.

Today she lives in Montreal with her beautiful family.





Orianne Lallemand

Orianne Lallemand lives in Brittany on a re-purposed farm full of joy and inspiration. She loves that the sun always shines there, and the ocean isn’t too far from her home.

Orianne describes her daily needs as love, friends, books, and time to herself! She is a very active person and moves around a lot to both inspire her work and keep her from getting cranky.  

When she is not writing, she spends time caring for her large family.



Lucie Papineau

As a young girl growing up in Quebec, Lucie Papineau was never seen without a nice pair of sunglasses and a book! Being a keen reader at such a young age made Lucie’s transition from being a lover of books to a creator of books an easy one.

Hundreds of books later, Lucie still loves making children laugh and dream. She has a very nice pair of sunglasses that she wears on her travels to meet young readers around the world. Her peregrinations inspired the creation of Leon the Raccoon, a young explorer. The re-telling of the amazing story of Louis Cyr, was inspired by her beloved father, who time and time again would tell her all about this historic legend!




Eleonore Thuillier

Ever since she was a little girl, Eleonore Thuillier loved drawing. After numerous lectures about the importance of bedtime stories given to her toys and dolls, Eleonore became a designer.

Her design career began in the world of fashion, but eventually found its way back to her initial love for illustrating as she created monsters, wolves, princesses and witches for stories! She now lives in the south of France with her two children and her two cats.